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“The 10th proseminar of Sino-Japanese on brewing technology and food”and“Academic Symposium on Food Nutrition and Safety” were held successfully

September 13th, 2018, The tenth Sino-Japanese Symposium on Brewing Technology and Food and the Symposium on Food Nutrition and Safety, which is Sponsored by Sichuan University, Sichuan Food Science and Technology Society, and Sichuan Nutrition Society, undertook by Shede wine company, Jinjiang Institute of Sichuan University, Research and Design Institute of Food Fermentation Industry of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Food Safety Society, Sichuan Wine Engineering Talents and Innovation Strategic Alliance of Technology Production, Education and Research, etc. were successfully held in Chengdu.

The conference was conducted by Professor Lu Xiaoli. Many experts attended the meeting and delivered speeches, including the member and vice-chairman of the party committee of Sichuan association for science and technology, Huang Jingyue, Professor He Zhiwei, Vice-President of Jinjiang College of Sichuan University, Xiao Kai, Vice-President of Textile and Food College of Sichuan University, and Jin Qinggang, former president of the All-Japan Federation of Soil Compositions. Nearly 300 Chinese and Japanese brewing experts, business representatives and students of Sichuan University attended the conference.

The conference adhered to the concept of the previous ones, and carried out academic and technical exchange activities with the theme of brewing technology, food and nutrition related field problem. The conference report was unusually brilliant. Professor Miyagi shigeo from Food Processing Discipline, Tokyo Home Economics University, made a report, the title of which is “The microorganism and its health function of Japanese salt-free lactate kimchi”. Professor Gao Rongheze, Director of the Research Center for Sour Alcohol Education of National Kagoshima University, made a report on "Healthy function of sweet potato wine". Professor Zhang Lishi, chairman of Sichuan Nutrition Society, doctoral supervisor of West China school of public health, delivered a report on “Regulatory regulations and safety evaluation requirements for new food raw materials and food additives” . Yue Peng, general Manager of Sichuan DanDan pi xian bean Co Ltd, senior engineer, made a report on “The development and utilization of microbial communities and resources in pixian county” . The conference report introduced deeply the frontier development trend of the brewing industry, the inheritance and development of the food industry. Brilliant thematic report of all experts  received warm applause from the participants.

Since 2000, China and Japan have held nine seminars in Chengdu, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Tokyo and Kyoto, which attracted the attention of brewing colleagues, experts and scholars at home and abroad. Now the conference have become an important communication platform within the food industry between China and Japan, which have exerted great academic influence. Focusing on the innovation and development of fermented food with local characteristics in China and Japan, as well as the ways to guarantee food nutrition and safety, this seminar has carried out academic and technical exchanges in all directions and at various levels, which has enhanced the profound friendship between our institutes and departments at home and abroad, and will play a positive role in conspiring with the healthy development of the brewing industry in China and Japan in the future.



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